ScriptRunner Portal Edition R1

Feature Overview of Portal Edition R1

6.4.754.0 2021-07-09 Fix
* Portal: Script upload has been refined to respect the team home folder
settings for folder and script owner selection.
* ISE Add-on script upload now also allows to select subfolders.
* Portal: Execution tabs layout improved (Ticket #202100250).
* Portal: App startup was slow loading v2.js (Ticket #202100249).
* Admin App: Fix Targets missing "LOGON_BATCH" setting after creation.
* SRXPSHost: Fixing PowerShell execution error messages (Ticket #202100248);
load LIB scripts AFTER last implicit/service PS Remoting connect.

6.4.740.0 2021-06-17 Portal Edition R1
* Portal App general changes (changes per Module listed separately):
- New Script Module, combining Admin App and ISE Add-on functionality
- Split up license and settings module into two different modules
- New Notification Center for global app notifications
- Many minor improvements and bug fixes
* Run Module:
- Extended editing options for actions (display tabs)
- Show display tabs in the list of actions
- Simplify query execution with start on "Enter"
- Adding cancellation of running actions
* License Module:
- Adding more information about connectors
- New "Request licenses" functionality
* Reports Module:
- Use Monaco editor for diff views
- Show error messages in report details
- Adding "Clear all filters" option
* Authorize & Delegate Module:
- Adding folder selection for team home folder
* Script Module -new-:
- View and edit your Scripts
- Check-In and Check-Out functionality
- Change history
- Version comparison
- Restore old script versions
* Non-Portal fixes and improvements:
- Query execution and cache handling changes to improve the overall
Query experience.
Fix Query cache handling for empty results (Ticket #202100223).
Admin App: The Query cache viewer now allows to filter against the
complete cache.
- Upload to the Script Library not only into the _UPLOAD_ folder.
Re-defining Script Edit Mode settings for script editing with checkout
and check-in, migrating existing related registry settings.
Implemented extensions for Portal, Admin App, and ISE Add-on.
Use 'Set-AsrSettings -ScriptEditMode' to set script editing to one of
On (default), Off, ViewOnly, or Restricted (i.e., restricted to the
_UPLOAD_ folder, esp. useful for version control based script libraries).
- The ScriptRunner Webhook API now returns the URI of the result structure
as a Location header, and the Action ID OData API works with Basic Auth.
There are new example scripts CallASRWebhook.ps1 and WebSvcConnector.ps1
to demonstrate the usage of the WebService Connector APIs.
- The built-in PowerShell 7 execution host is now PowerShell 7.0.6.
- Installers use signed helper PowerShell scripts (Ticket #202100230).
- Fix Custom tags must not start with an '_' (reserved for built-in tags).
- Delegate App Fix: Action does not start if the Reason field is required,
but there are no visible parameters (Ticket #202100236).
- Fix number properties in AD Query elements.