ScriptRunner 2020R3

Feature Overview of Version 2020R3

6.3.692.0 2021-04-27 2020R3
* Azure Az scripts now can use the current Azure Az module versions
(2020R2 required Azure Az.Accounts <= 1.8, Tickets #202100034, #202100071).
The Azure Cmdlets invented in 2020R2 have been improved and extended.
* Active Directory and Azure AD Queries now come with additional, generic
input variables that make cascading queries much more powerful.
Use the variables in property filters, and LDAP or MSGraph queries.
* Similar to the Azure AD Queries, the Active Directory Queries now also
have the option of retrieving multiple properties with one query (in JSON
format), and present them to the script as a [Hashtable] parameter.
With Query Splatting, you can even use a selected Hashtable to fill
multiple parameters with the attributes from the Hashtable immediately.
Also new: Use [Parameter(HelpMessage='ASRDisplay(Alias=xxx)')] to use
a different attribute 'xxx' for a parameter.
* An Admin Team can now have an associated ScriptLibrary folder where all
new script files will be initialized to be owned by this Admin Team.
* From the beginning we had this query cache limit set to a maximum of
500 entries... Finally we moved this cache from in-memory to the
file system, so now we allow a virtually unlimited number of cached entries
(currently up to 100.000 entries and 100MB cache files).
* ScriptRunner startup could be very slow with large amounts of script files
(several thousand scripts and script functions). This has been improved.
Note that complex Powershell scripts with many functions and/or parameters
can be an expensive ressource for ScriptRunner (Ticket #202100138).
* Portal App
We make more Admin App functionality available in the Portal:
- New Authorize & Delegate module, to manage access and delegate actions.
- New Settings module for global information and settings.
- Adding Trial registration processing.
- Run Module: Full execution functionality for administrative users -
Target selection, parameter handling, verbose execution, reports.
- Reports Module: Extended filter options for administrative users.
- Adding several Edit options for Actions: Icon and color, user friendly
and multi-language name and description, direct delegation of Actions.
- Additional markdown Action description for flexible formatting,
including link support (Portal only).
...along with many fixes&improvements of UX and existing functionality -
thank you all for your great feedback!
* Other fixes and improvements:
- WebService Connector with Basic Auth uses "Fast Credential Validation"
now. There is a registry key to switch back to previous behavior,
in case you experience any issues (Tickets #202100164, #202100178).
- The AzureAD Target now allows ServicePrincipal logon with certificate
(Ticket #202100069).
The Azure Az Target no longer forcefully imports all Az module cmdlets.
The EXOv2 Target UI field descriptions have been clearified.
All Azure and MS 365 targets will now enable TLS 1.2 in the PS session.
- We now use the term Desktop Apps for the previous Team Apps.
- The ResultMessage of a script can now use the multi-language format
([sr-en] tags) known from e.g. Action displaynames. We also improved
handling of (multi-language) description fields in the UI.
- The installer now has a -NoExamples optional parameter to install
without example scripts and respective Actions/Queries.
- Target and Query Test can now also be invoked from the Action tree view.
The Target Test report will now allow extra-long reports.
- Improved parameter type handling where we transfer the UI values
to the PowerShell.
- Azure AD and AD Queries error reporting now shows more error details.
- Fix installer did allow single users as admin group, which did not work.
- Fix HTML reports links did not work (Tickets #202000306, #202100017).
- Fix Delegations cannot use an AD group from a trusted AD forest.
- Fix Email Inbound Connector inactive (Ticket #202100151).
- Fix SQL Connector in the Admin App Settings table does not show the
current connection string (Ticket #202100094).
- Fix Query Auto-execution is not ParameterSet aware.