ScriptRunner 2020R2

Feature Overview of Version 2020R2

  • 6.2.642.0 2021-03-08 2020R2 Fix
    * $SRXEnv.SRXCommandPath now contains the file path and name of the executed
    script file (similar to the PowerShell $PSCommandPath auto-variable).
    * Azure and M365 Targets will now connect with TLS 1.2 enabled.
    * Fix Set ExecutionPolicy for the ScriptRunner PowerShell Host process
    properly (Ticket #202100090; also e.g. in case there is no PowerShell 7
    console installed to set it there manually).
    * Improve UI parameter splatting from JSON Query/ValidateSet edge cases.
    * Fix AD FS authentication 'token missing proper licensing claims' issue
    (Ticket #202100079).
    * Removed unclear Eventlog Error entry ('Missing license module: SR004',
    Ticket #202100081).
    * Fix Installing with new admin group.
    * Fix Admin Teams do not allow to delegate Actions while created.
    * Fix Can create public Queries only (Ticket #202100065, #202100092).
    * Fix Wrong error output in email notifications (Ticket #202100061).
    * Fix View issues with editable parameter Query results.
    * Fix New list queries seem empty until first Edit (Ticket #202100026).
    * Portal App:
       - Now shows an explicit error page if loaded into Internet Explorer.
       - Fix did not show multilanguage checkbox descriptions correctly.
       - Fix shows Action descriptions without formatting.
       - Fix auto-set with multiselect (Tickets #202100066, #202100077).
       - Other minor fixes and improvements (Tickets #202100070, #202100075)
  • 6.2.577.0 2021-01-12 2020R2 Fix
    * Fix Trial period handling (Ticket #202100003).
    * Fix Portal App does not show configured Tabs (Ticket #202000322).
    * Fix Connect-AzureRmAccount: NamedParameterNotFound 'SkipContextPopulation'
       error with old Azure RM versions (Ticket #202000319).
    * On Scripted Queries, SRXEnv.SRXFilterValue now contains the current filter
       value from the UI (Ticket #202000316).
    * Other minor fixes
  • 6.2.566.0 2020-12-07 2020R2
    * Brand new ScriptRunner Portal Web App
    - All-in-one App approach, replacing Delegate/EndUser App as a first step
    - Modern design&technology
    - Web widgets for Actions: Pluggable into customer intranet pages
    - Many usability improvements; like multi-select, date-time picker,...
    for easy ScriptRunner self-service access
    - Time savings statistics for executed actions, based on real use counts
    * Azure AD Integration
    - Azure "AADv2" logon (MSAL redirect flow support for Azure v2 endpoint
    tokens) option on the STS port, with Azure AD groups based delegation.
    - STS port AAD settings show as Azure Connector in the Admin App settings.
    - New built-in 'Azure AD Home Tenant' Target reflecting the current
    STS port AAD settings and can immediately be used for Azure Queries and
    scripts to operate in your Azure tenant.
    - New 'Azure AD Initial Admin Access' default authorization setting for easy
    initial Admin access after switching to Azure AD logon.
    - New ScriptRunnerSettings cmdlets Register- and Unregister-AsrAzureADApp
    for easy STS AAD setup (c.f. 'get-help Register-AsrAzureADApp').
    - Advanced retries to cope with network connectivity issues on startup.
    * Queries
    - Built-in Azure AD Queries: based on Azure connection Targets; provide a
    number of default queries as well as generic Graph API and Kusto queries
    (similar to the Active Directory Queries); optionally return the complete
    Graph API object as Hashtable.
    - ASRDisplay(Splatting) option for Hashtable queries: Propagate properties
    from the returned Hashtable directly to same-name script parameters.
    - If a Query returns too many values to reasonably show in a dropdown,
    ScriptRunner will now show some values along with a warning
    (rather than showing no values and an error).
    - Add EXO v2 certificate password option (EXO V2 version 2 preview
    app-only authentication options.)
    - A Scripted Query is now allowed to run longer for cache refresh (10 minutes)
    than in an interactive scenario (60 secs).
    * Authorization
    - Multi-claim delegations, for multiple user/groups, or for
    shared e.g. Active Directory / Azure AD login scenarios.
    - New AzureAD claim selection for Azure AD token claims.
    - Improved Basic Authentication claim selection.
    - New options 'Set-AsrURI -LocalOnly' and 'Set-AsrStsOptions -LocalOnly'
    allow to reduce an endpoint to host-local UI connections.
    * Execution
    - Target connections now have a test button, to immediately test connectivity
    without the need to create an Action and test with running the Action.
    - Detect a #requires -Version... declaration in the script, and automatically
    run it in the ScriptRunner PowerShell Core host if the version is 6 or 7.
    - Alternatively specify the PowerShell host to use in the Action / Query.
    - You can configure now more than 250 local PowerShell execution engines.
    - ASRDisplay(Date) option to force to a date without time part.
    - Certificate credentials for client certificate-based WSMAN authentication.
    * Admin App:
    - Redesign of the Azure connection Targets wizard, to reflect both
    the Azure Az PowerShell module requirements for script execution
    as well as the Graph API .NET requirements for the new Azure Queries.
    - Fix New Action shows admin roles for delegation.
    - Fix New Delegation may show inappropriate Actions.
    - Test wizards for Queries and Targets now show a Close button.