ScriptRunner 2019R2

Feature Overview of Version 2019R2

Release Notes Version 2019R2 

2019R2 Fix, Build 5.1.5918.0, 2019-09-05

  • Fixes and improvements: Add library script selection to scripted queries.
    • Choice queries are always realtime (no extra in-memory cache).
    • Fix Delegate App may not show new action reports.
    • Fix Get-AsrLicense does not show the Offline ID before online registration (Tickets #27070, #27105).

2019R2 Fix, Build 5.1.5893.0, 2019-08-09 

  • Fixes and improvements:
    • Filtering in AD query results did not work for CUSTOM display values with non-common attributes (Ticket #26955).
    • Fix Script query may mix up query result lists (Ticket #26955).
    • Fix Unloadable binaries in the ScriptRunner\Service\Bin folder prevents the ScriptRunner Service from starting (Ticket #27000).
    • Spurious EndUser license Eventlog startup warnings removed.

2019R2, Build 5.1.5872.0, 2019-07-29 

  • To improve the new customer onboarding experience, the Admin App now asks for online registration to activate the free 30-days Evaluation license.
  • Parameter validation: A PowerShell [ValidatePattern()] parameter attribute inside a PARAM block will now also trigger a respective regex pre-validation in the Apps. Since the implementation there is in JavaScript, the RegexOptions.ECMAScript flag may be useful to improve JavaScript vs. .NET regex compatibility (at least for complex regex strings).
  • Fixes and improvements:
    • Fix Delegate App missing parameter validation for parameters with a query (Ticket #26951).
    • Fix query script execution sending unexpected notification e-mails (Ticket #26582).
    • Fix DN escape sequence handling in AD queries (Ticket #26606) Ignore non accessible groups for member resolution (e.g. Universal Groups, Ticket #26916).
    • Fix Self-Service App shows ParameterSets (Ticket #26719).
    • Fix can't delete a scripted query once executed.
    • Improve script result evaluation to create query cache files for choice queries from an action (Ticket #26658).
    • Improve Get-AsrUri and Test-AsrUri to cope with HTTPS certificates.
    • Fix PSSessionOptions NullPtr Exception in SRXPSHost (Ticket #26484).
    • Add product version name to the Splash and About screens.
    • Admin App: Improve password input field; minor layout improvements.

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