ScriptRunner 2019R1

Feature Overview of Version 2019R1

  • Multi-team support in ScriptRunner Admin App and ISE for larger IT organizations
  • Multi-client support for Managed Service Providers
  • New ScriptRunner Self Service App for end users
  • Revision of the Admin App
  • New Connector for multi-user and multi-machine support
  • Support for Windows Server 2019
  • 64-bit migration and support for Microsoft Cluster Service
    in active-passive mode

Release Notes Version 2019R1

2019R1, Build 5.0.5681.0, 2019-05-09, Build 5.0.5662.0, 2019-04-26

  • ScriptRunner Service is 64-bit:
    • The ScriptRunner Service is now a true 64-bit executable, and installs to C:\Program Files\ScriptRunner.
    • Also the service registry settings move from HKLM/Software/WOW6432Node/AppSphere to HKLM/Software/ScriptRunner.
    • At the same time, the service data in ProgramData moves from \AppSphere\ScriptRunnerService to \ScriptRunner\Service.
    • The service name has been simplified to "ScriptRunnerService".
    • The script library with all your script files will be kept unchanged.
    • The ScriptRunner 2019 installer will take care for all this moving during update from previous versions. Anyway we strongly recommend making a backup / snapshot before updating!
  • Likewise, the ScriptRunner Apps and WebApps install to C:\Program Files\ScriptRunner now.
  • SQL Report Database schema update:
    • Execution reports have been extended to reflect the new admin team info. Therefore, every external SQL reports database will require a manual schema update (see Support\ExtDb_UpdateTables.sql)!
    • Every ScriptRunner Host now has an instance name, so several instances can put their reports into a single report database.
  • Admin Teams Feature:
    To separate ScriptRunner configuration for responsible teams of admins, there is a new role "Administrator Team" that makes objects of other teams invisible. The same delegation mechanisms apply for teams as for helpdesk users, so teams may use the merits from other teams. Previous ScriptRunner admins are now "Main Administrators" and can see and change everything, as well as provide public elements that can be used from every team.
  • Self-Service End-User Feature:
    • There is another new role for self-service end-user people, and a greatly simplified Self-Service App for these users.
    • This feature requires a license key.
    • A webservice connector for self-service groups can allow unrestricted request source IPs.
  • Apps Improvements:
    • Apps and Web Apps now install to C:\Program Files\ScriptRunner.
    • Admin App: Adding Admin Teams icons everywhere. Global Filters effective on all main tables, as a flexible alternative to the quite strict Admin Teams behavior. Dashboard filters extended to allow multiple filters selected and filter negation. Cleanup of the large tables, wizards, and some quirky options.
    • Delegate App: Resizable result message window (non-IE browsers only). Web Apps: Removed all font type files except WOFF to keep the loadsmall.
    • ISE AddOn: new toolbar, Admin Team aware.
  • Other Improvements:
    • Scheduler: Support for Nth day of the month, multiple execution times, and excluded hours.
    • Execution: Local Targets with explicit "Elevated RunAs" option (requires BATCH logon right); parameter values from the UI trimmed from whitespace before put into PowerShell; reason field can be made mandatory for an Action for Delegate App execution.
    • File queries have been redesigned as a query cache that can exceed the 500 elements limit of the in-memory cache of other query types.
    • Azure Az target support.
    • ScriptRunnerSettings PSModule: Fixed help; new Get-AsrWinEvent and Test-AsrUri cmdlets.

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