ScriptRunner 2018R3

Feature Overview of Version 2018R3

  • New ScriptRunner Delegate App
  • New security level for credentials
  • Advanced execution options for Actions
  • Use Script Libraries in Actions
  • Use a Script Library function in a scripted Query
  • Use a Script Library function instead of a main script in an Action
  • Improved Query functions
  • Azure Resource Manager target system
  • Live output in the report
  • Side-by-side HTTP and HTTPS

Release Notes of Version 2018R3

2018R3 Fix, Build 4.2.5495.0, 2019-02-18

  • ScriptRunner Service:
    • Password Server Connector: IIS URI segment parameter added for Thycotic IIS application (Ticket #25583).
    • PowerShell parser: Treat 'TypeNotFound' parsing ErrorID as warning (Ticket #25646).
  • Apps:
    • Admin App: Fixing possible table filter issue after new script upload.
    • Fixing minor style issues: [DateTime] parameter, parameter multi-select, new script upload views.

2018R3 Fix, Build 4.2.5342.0, 2018-12-05

  • ScriptRunner Service:
    • Fixing possible race condition on report database cleanup
      (Tickets #25490, #25531).
    • Fixing process memory issues with large query results (Ticket #25491).
    • Fixing cancelled action may look like running on and on.
    • Treat 'TypeNotFound' parsing ErrorID as warning (Ticket #25646).
    • Query scripts named 'QRY_...' receive a _QUERY_ tag automatically.
    • Scripted query will throw an error if a Mandatory parameter is missing.
    • Query execution counts in Perfmon AFTER execution has finished.
    • Adding diagnostic log output.
  • ScriptRunner PowerShell Host:
    • Improving PowerShell implicit remoting without ExecutionPolicy.
    • Adding process debug and log options (Ticket #25580).
    • Enforce action timeout / cancel on non-responding PS runspace.
  • ScriptRunner Settings: Set-ASRURI thumbprint validation (Ticket #25661).
  • Web Apps: Installer adds IIS Webserver Client Cache Control setting.
  • ISE Addon: Provide sample $SRXEnv structure in PowerShell session.
  • Admin App: Queries with a cache reload schedule show a clock icon.
  • Adding licensed user options (Ticket #25448).
  • ScriptRunner Installer:
    • Force initial PowerShell ExecutionPolicy to be at least RemoteSigned.
    • Switch to using SYSNATIVE PowerShell.exe.
    • Fixing typo.

2018R3 Fix, Build 4.2.5210.0, 2018-10-11 

  • Apps:
    • Fix: Out of user licenses is no longer a startup warning (Ticket #25316).
    • Fix: Hide schedule details if schedule is off.
    • Fix: Disabled credentials and query-cache option radio buttons.
    • Fix: Live report output auto-scroll.
    • Parameter input values now use a monospace font (Ticket #25361).
    • Admin App: Error pop-up improved.
    • Delegate App: Tab navigation improvements.
  • ScriptRunner PowerShell Host:
    • Fixing RunAs IOException.
    • Fixing live output encoding issues.
  • ScriptRunner Service: Fixing script parameter default expression handling.
  • ScriptRunner Installer: Fixing typos.

2018R3, Build 4.2.5156.0, 2018-09-20 

  • Password Server Connector:
    Retrieve credentials from a Password Server (Set-AsrPasswordServerConnector). A license key is required for this new connector.
    • Pleasant Password Server (APIv4)
    • Thycotic Secret Server
    • CyberArk Password Vault (AIM Central Credential Provider API) (use Set-AsrCyberArkConnector for additional CyberArk specific settings).
  • Extended Action Execution options:
    • There is a new target type for Local Execution. You explicitly select one of three implementations for the ScriptRunner PowerShell Host process: Impersonated thread, Basic Run-As process, or WSMAN Run-As process; each with different properties of the run-as user environment. NOTE: Manually created previous targets with FQDN '.' will now default to Basic Run-As Process mode, and will NOT be able to retrieve [PSCredential] parameters; switch to Impersonated Thread mode for that!
    • Container Targets have new execution options e.g. for round-robin cases.
    • Actions have new options to synchronize execution, per action or script.
    • New Azure Resource Manager (AzureRM) target.
    • Scheduled action execution is handled more carefully, to avoid flooding execution resources: Execution may be delayed on heavy execution load, or if the same action is still running from a previous schedule. While delayed, next schedules for the same action will be skipped.
    • Fixing "SRXPSHost terminated unexpectedly" (Ticket #24655)
  • Script functions:
    ScriptRunner will now scan all script files **without main PARAM block** for PowerShell functions, and will list and use them in actions and queries just like scripts and cmdlets. This enables you to organize related PowerShell code in single script files, as a collection of functions.
  • Query improvements:
    • Query results respect ValidateSet parameter settings.
    • AD queries now support non-string attribute types and 'not present'.
    • AD queries trim the LDAP filter string.
    • Improved hit count management.
    • List queries allow re-sort.
    • Editable query parameters mark changed values, and respect ValidateSet.
  • Side-by-side HTTPS support:
    ScriptRunner can use a second IP port, for HTTPS and/or AD FS support, also facilitating migration to HTTPS (Set-AsrSTSOptions).
  • Apps:
    • show increasing script reports while executing ("live output")
    • show [DateTime] parameters with a date picker
    • password input mode for [SecureString] or with [Parameter(HelpMessage="ASRDisplay(Password)")]
    • multi-line text input with [Parameter(HelpMessage="ASRDisplay(Multiline)")]
    • auto-show interactive query field for larger query results
    • use current versions of the base JavaScript libraries
    • with many other improvements and corrections. 
    • Delegate App:
      • with brand-new tab navigation bar, improved tile style, and table view option
      • allows to re-load the last recent action input values, for next execution
      • allows splitting long parameter lists to multiple pages
      • shows the execution window with a progress bar
      • Web App with customizable header and splashscreen color and logos

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