ScriptRunner 2018R2

Feature Overview of Version 2018R2

  • Attribute Queries for Active Directory Objects
  • Auto-Run for Queries
  • Credentials in Script Queries
  • ScriptRunner Admin and Delegate App with automatically generated input forms
  • Tags can now be used for comprehensive filtering
  • New tree-like detail view for Actions
  • PowerShell Execution Timeout option in Actions
  • Library for function scripts option in Actions

Release Notes Version 2018R2

2018R2 Fix, Build 4.1.4840.0, 2018-04-23

  • PowerShell SRX Host: Implement local RunAs execution with [PSCredential] parameters using an impersonated thread.
  • Admin App: fixing multi-select parameter default handling.

2018R2 Fix, Build 4.1.4790.0, 2018-02-28

  • Input Queries:
    • Service: enable parallel Query execution (Ticket #24196).
    • Apps: Improve Query script error presentation
  • Service: fixing undetected script parameter change [string[]] to [string].
  • ParameterSet names with a comma did not work (Ticket #24236).
  • SRXPSHost: Write-Host output in a PowerShell function did contribute to the function output (Ticket #24120).
  • Apps
    • Admin App: fixing Action Copy JavaScript syntax error.
    • Admin App: fixing German datepicker (Ticket #23393).
    • Delegate App: fixing send email button.

2018R2 Fix, Build 4.1.4755.0, 2018-02-01

  • Input Queries:
    • Dynamic Query input values sometimes lost (Ticket #24099).
    • Admin App: Fixing Query Create button (Ticket #24099).
    • Admin App: New Queries now have automatic execution enabled by default,and show their dynamic input if cascading is enabled.
    • Admin App: Queries show as cascadable in Action Wizard after cascadablehas been disabled in the Query (Ticket #24108).
  • Apps
    •  Admin App: Improving Global Tag Filter filtering to exclude substrings.
    • Delegate App: Fixing execution modal dialog (Ticket #24096).

2018R2, Build 4.1.4738.0, 2018-01-23 

  • Interactive Input Queries:
    The power of Queries has been further extended: Queries now can
    • run automatically, even triggered from a change in an input field.
    • fill 'editable' fields with selectable "proposed default values".
    • support setting a query script [PSCredential] parameter default.
    • fall back to configured default input if no dynamic input is given.
  • Action Execution:
    • An Action now can have an execution timeout value. If execution did not finish after the given amount of minutes, execution will be cancelled.
    • The $SRXEnv PowerShell hashmap now also contains fields SRXStartedVia and SRXStartedReason, containing context information from the report's "Reason" field (Ticket #24009).
    • An Action now can have more than one "action profile" script (function library tagged _LIB_), executed by ScriptRunner in the PowerShell session before the Action script starts.This enables more elaborate schemes of library function organisation.
  • Web Service Connector:
    The script can now provide (simple) structured result data by writing a (small) JSON string to $SRXEnv.ResultObjectJSON. ScriptRunner will provide this JSON string in the OutSerializedPSObjects report field, for post-processing by the caller of the Web Service Connector (Ticket #23278).
  • SQL Report/Audit Database: Exporting the execution reports is now possible with an impersonated AD account, in addition to explicit SQL user access and Windows Integrated access using the ScriptRunner host machine account.
  • Email notification connector: Now using the .NET SMTP client.
  • Apps:
    • Admin App: There is a new Action Details view, showing the whole tree of elements that are used for an Action - the script, targets with their configured Run-As credentials, parameter queries. You can edit and run the action, and even edit used elements, directly from the new view!
    • Admin App: The table tag filters have been removed from the element tables and have been replaced by a global tag filter, allowing to focus the views on a certain topic (represented by the specified tags).
    • Admin App: The wizards now have an extra "Used by" card, to e.g. answer "where do I use these credentials?".
    • Admin App: Script referencing errors now propagate from the script to the Action and Query table, wherever the respective script is in use.

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