ScriptRunner 2018R1

Feature Overview of Version 2018R1

  • Dynamic PowerShell queries
  • Support for implicit PowerShell remoting
  • Azure AD 2.0 support in Office 365 Service Endpoints
  • Setup can set security settings in the ScriptRunner Web Service
  • Support for Edge Browser

Release Notes Version 2018R1

2018R1 Fix, Build 4.0.4728.0, 2018-01-16

  • The built-in evaluation license was limited to end of 2017

2018R1 Fix, Build 4.0.4641.0, 2017-11-15

  • Email notification connector: Solving AUTH NTLM issues with an update to MailKit 1.20.0. Note that -UseTLS may now be required for SMTP login!
  • The Test-ASREmailNotificationConnector cmdlet has been extended to send a test email, and to log more information on error (Ticket #23195).

2018R1 Fix, Build 4.0.4579.0, 2017-10-19

  • Fixing scripted query result list from remote with a single element
    (Ticket #23193).
  • Fixing email notification settings for anonymous SMTP with an explicit
    email Sender setting; improving Cmdlet parameters, help and warning text
    (Tickets #23112, #23195).
  • Fixing Authenticode signatures.
  • Fixing wrong help link reference to 'connectors.html'.
  • Minor corrections and refinements.

2018R1 Fix/Update, Build 4.0.4531.0, 2017-09-18

  • Fix: Admin App does not show the Automation table correctly.
  • FIPS 140: Using FIPS 140 compliant AES and SHA512 CSP, instead of Managed (allows to set security policy: Use FIPS compliant algorithms).
  • Query script examples added to the DEMO script library folder.
  • SRXPSHost: remove empty PSCredential parameter warning.

2018R1 Fix, Build 4.0.4518.0, 2017-09-07 

  • Fixing a typo in the Initialize-ASRLicense cmdlet (online activation).
  • Admin App: Minor corrections and refinements.

2018R1 "Query Edition", Build 4.0.4511.0, 2017-09-05 

  • Interactive Input Queries:
    Input queries enable your users to select parameter values from a dropdown list, rather than typing manually into an input field. For this, input queries provide a very powerful and flexible way to create lists of values for a dropdown, including run-time creation using PowerShell script, and built-in support for Active Directory. You can even make a query depend on other user input, allowing for interactive cascading schemes like "Select an AD group, and then select a user to be removed from that group".
  • HTTPS:
    The ScriptRunner Service can now be configured for HTTPS. Use the Set-ASRURI ScriptRunnerSettings cmdlet on the ScriptRunner host to specify the SSL certificate (expected in Cert:\LocalMachine\My). Then make sure all clients (Web apps, Admin/Delegate Apps) use the new HTTPS ScriptRunner Uri (e.g. just reinstall and tick "use SSL").
  • Implicit PowerShell Remoting:
    The target configuration has been extended to support PowerShell implicit remoting, by importing commands from the target into the local session (c.f. Import-PSSession). Actions can even be configured to selectively import specific modules or cmdlets (with *).
  • Office 365:
    ScriptRunner now also supports the new Microsoft AzureAD version 2 PowerShell module for easy Azure scripting.
  • The ScriptRunner PowerShell Host has been further improved, can cope with an ErrorActionPreference of STOP, and now shows as "ScriptRunner Extended PowerShell Host".
  • The CallASRWebSvcConnector.ps1 DEMO script has been improved to cope with multi-target execution and with non-ASCII values.
  • The Get-ASRLicense cmdlet now has an -AsObject switch parameter to return
    the current license status info as an easy to evaluate hashmap object.
  • Apps:
    • Admin App can show the Action list sorted by next schedule.
    • If you declare a PowerShell parameter in your script as type [string[]] ScriptRunner will allow you to select multiple entries from a (Query or ValidateSet) dropdown, using the CTRL key.
    • Admin App: The basic ScriptRunner settings have been moved from the header menu, to a new Settings page you reach from a new main navigation gear-wheel entry "Settings".
    • Admin App: To clarify the use cases for authorization and connectors, the menu nodes have been renamed to "Delegation" and "Automation". Connectors that did not match the "Automation" idea have been moved to the new Settings page.
    • Admin App: The Script wizard now shows the actions and queries that use this script.

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