Message - HTML Report not found

Adjusting the path of HTML reports

Affected versions: All - 2018R1 to current version

This article applies to all ScriptRunner versions.

2020R2 and later

In the portal this property will be set within the app.json. The URL entered is used to build a complete path, with filename to the desired HTML file. 

The app.json for all users is located at:

$env:Program Files\ScriptRunner\WebApps\Portal

Example from 2020R2 (app.json):

"reporturi":  "",

Before 2020R2

The URL for the reports can be configured in the legacy ScriptRunner apps in uri.js with the reporturi property.

The uri.js for Admins can be found under: $env:ProgramFiles\ScriptRunner\WebApps\AdminApp

The uri.js for Delegate Users can be found under:

The uri.js for End Users can be found under:

Example before 2020R2 (uri.js):

ScriptRunner.reporturi = '';