Pleasant Connector

Configure and use Pleasant Password Server

Please note that an administrative PowerShell console at the ScriptRunner Service host is required to run the cmdlets of the ScriptRunnerSettings module.

The Password Server Connector connects Pleasant Server and ScriptRunner. The connection is configured using the Set-AsrPasswordServerConnector cmdlet from the ScriptRunnerSettings module. Following parameters can be defined:

  • API
    Defines the Password Server API to connect, select Pleasant Password Server (APIv4)
  • Host
    Defines the FQDN of Pleasant Password Server
  • Port
    Adds an explicit port number to the Url
  • User
    Defines the Password Server access account name
  • Password
    Sets the Password Server access password, as SecureString
  • ClearPassword
    Sets the Password Server access password, as clear string
  • UseSSL
    Defines if SSL encryption (https) should be used, yes or no
  • On
    Set active, so password retrieval will be enabled
  • Off
    Set inactive, so password retrieval will be skipped
  • Restart
    The Restart parameter restarts the ScriptRunner service to apply changes immediately


Set-AsrPasswordServerConnector -Api <Pleasant Password Server (APIv4)> -Host <PleasantFQDN> -Port <PortNumber> -User <PleasantUser> -ClearPassword <UserPassword> -UseSSL <yes> -On -Restart

Check the settings of the ScriptRunner Admin App to see, if the password server was configured successfully. If there are errors when using the Password Server, you can also see the error messages here.

If the Password Server Connector is set up successfully, credentials of the password server can now be used.
Activate the option Retrieve password from the password server, when creating a credential and enter the Password Server ID of the Pleasant Password Server entry.
The ID of the account is part of the direct link setting on Pleasant Server.

Setting example:


If the communication between Pleasant Password Server and ScriptRunner works, the credential can be used. There is no difference in time, but there are dependencies concerning the configuration of the password server and the infrastructure.

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