Registered ScriptRunner users

Retrieve list of licensed users

Please note that an administrative PowerShell console at the ScriptRunner Service host is required to run the cmdlets of the ScriptRunnerSettings module.

Run the Get-AsrLicensedUser cmdlet in the PowerShell console of the ScriptRunner service computer. As a result, you receive a list of usernames of the registered users.

Additionally, the parameter -UserType can be specified. A distinction can be made between User and Self-Service User.

For information on how many users can be licensed, the duration of the license, and the maintenance, use the Get-AsrLicense cmdlet.

Cmdlet Parameter Value Description
Get-AsrLicensedUser -UserType Users Shows administration & delegation users
    Self-Service Users Shows end users
  -ShowDisabled   Shows disabled users
Get-AsrLicense -AsObject   Returns value as hashmap object