Configuring HTTPS

Use HTTPS for secure communication between ScriptRunner Apps, Web Server and ScriptRunner Server

Please note that an administrative PowerShell console at the ScriptRunner Service host is required to run the cmdlets of the ScriptRunnerSettings module.

  • Open the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and load the certificate management module of the local computer. Import the certificate or chain of certificates into the Personal and Trusted Root Certification Authorities Store.
  • Open the IIS Manager and select the web site where the ScriptRunner Web Apps have been installed. Open the Bindings configuration and create an HTTPS binding with the assignment of the imported certificate.
  • The configuration of the ScriptRunner Web Apps can be done in two different ways:
    • Run the Web Apps setup again and activate the option "use SSL (https)"
      on the ScriptRunner Service Endpoint page
    • Edit the uri.js file stored in the AdminApp, DelegateApp and SelfServiceApp subdirectories of the installation path.
      Default path: C:\Program Files\ScriptRunner\WebApps
      Change the entry "ScriptRunner.baseuri = http://" in "ScriptRunner.baseuri = https://"
    • Edit the app.json file stored in the Portal subdirectory of the installation path.
      Default path: C:\Program Files\ScriptRunner\WebApps\Portal
      Change the entry "baseuri": "http://" in "baseuri:" "https://"
  • Restart the Web Server by running IISReset on the console
  • To configure the ScriptRunner service, open PowerShell as administrator on the
    ScriptRunner server, and enter the following commands:
    • Get-ChildItem Cert:\LocalMachine\My
    • Copy the Thumbprint property of the certificate
    • Set-ASRURI -SSLCertThumbprint 'thumbprint_property_hex' -SSLEnable -Restart
  • To test, open one of the recommended browsers on a client and enter the URL https://fqdn_server/scriptrunner/admin
  • To configure HTTPS for the ScriptRunner ISE App and Team Apps, run the Team Apps Setup again and follow the instructions. Activate the option "use SSL (https)"  on the
    ScriptRunner Service Endpoint page.

More information can be found here: ScriptRunner Settings - Https Configuration

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