Display of parameters

Specify the display, values and validation of action parameters

ScriptRunner can display parameters differently, depending on the data type, e.g. a switch parameter as a checkbox.

Parameter Display style output 
drop-down list with the values $true and $false
numeric input field
input field that only accepts numbers and the decimal character
drop-down list of credentials stored in the ScriptRunner
input field, the input text will be replaced by *
calendar control


Independent of the data type, there are 2 further possibilities to control the display of the action parameters:

  • Whether one or more values of the query result can be selected depends on the data type of the script parameter. If the parameter is declared as an array, multiple selection is possible.
  • The parameter HelpMessage, of the parameter attribute, is analyzed if it contains the keyword ASRDisplay, e.g.
     [Parameter(HelpMessage = "ASRDisplay(Multiline)")]
    • Multiline, determines that the text box of the parameter is displayed as multiline
    • Password, determines that the input text will be replaced by *


More information can be found here: PowerShell parameters and their graphical representation

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